“The newest Gong Gong Try Defeated” —A greatdamorobe: An excellent “Deaf Community” inside the Ghana and its own Wedding Ban to own Deaf Lovers

Adamorobe are a village from inside the Ghana where in actuality the historic presence off a hereditary type of deafness triggered many deaf inhabitants. Along side years, a region signal words emerged, that is used anywhere between deaf and you may hearing members of everyday life, rendering Adamorobe on a different host to inclusion out of deaf anybody. But not, inside 1975, a law are put to reduce just how many deaf anybody when you look at the Adamorobe: deaf some body never marry both to avoid deaf offspring. In the long term, it laws threatens new linguistic and cultural diversity within town where the entry to sign vocabulary was omnipresent and you can in which deaf men and women are regarded as totally effective and you will worthy people in neighborhood. This article is planned up to several groups of tensions in the community, First, hearing people’s allowed and you can introduction of your deaf inhabitants, in place of the latest wish to live in a village no (or faster) deaf people. Next, there clearly was a tension between deaf people’s subjection to, and resistance up against, regulations, this is a stress which are present in the new lives out-of dating anywhere between deaf couples, and you may abortions when such unions end in pregnancies.

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Every where [inside Adamorobe] the fresh new gong gong are outdone [in order to announce and you may give particular reports]. I wondered: how it happened? Did anything score stolen? Did people rating killed? But you to definitely wasn’t possible; the message are that deaf someone try not to wed each other. The latest gong gong is outdone plus it try mentioned that deaf individuals have so you’re able to get married hearing anybody. The newest gong gong try defeated, “Since deaf that have deaf get college students which are unable to hear, can not tune in to, cannot listen to.” Ooohh we were stunned. Instance an embarrassment…New gong gong was outdone: wed hearing, wed hearing. With hearing, perhaps not which have deaf. Every-where the fresh new gong gong was rung: “Marry hearing, next reading youngsters are created, reading was produced, hearing is actually created. That is an effective, that is correct. Deaf deaf deaf somebody everywhere, zero that isn’t an excellent.” The gong gong is actually defeated…Like a shame…(regret) [step 1,2].

“Brand new Gong Gong Try Outdone” -Gooddamorobe: A great “Deaf Town” inside the Ghana lovingwomen.org du kan prova dessa and its particular Matrimony Ban to have Deaf Lovers

Within quote, Adamorobe’s oldest deaf lady laments an ancient minute. During the 1975, from inside the first year regarding his chieftaincy, Nana Kwaakwaa Asiampong brought a rules-promulgated regarding the town by the a beneficial gong gong beater-that deaf members of Adamorobe aren’t permitted to get married one another as this perform result in deaf offspring. As an alternative, they should orobe, deaf-hearing unions tend to be less inclined to render forward people one to try deaf.

Adamorobe is a village inside the southern Ghana in which 41 deaf anyone live one of 3500 hearing villagers. So it strangely lot from deaf villagers stems from the newest historic presence away from a beneficial “deaf gene,” a beneficial Connexin 26 R143W mutation which was most likely released during the Adamorobe compliment of marriages amongst the founding Akan matrilineal clans, beginning in brand new later 18th century . Usually, the need to keep in touch with one another throughout the dense sociocultural sites away from Adamorobe features contributed to brand new development from a community sign language utilized by both deaf and reading anybody. Adamorobe Indication Language (AdaSL) is well known and you can used by all of the deaf people in Adamorobe and you will of the a corner of the hearing inhabitants, who’ve grown viewing and ultizing the language, including Akan, their spoken language . Therefore, Adamorobe is known as “ mumfo krow ” in the Akan, meaning “deaf village,” to possess because amount of people inside the Adamorobe whom understand signal code was higher, people say one outsiders never instantly identify who’s deaf and you may who’s reading, and this believe that individuals when you look at the Adamorobe is deaf.

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